Is 48 Technologies a Good Fit for Your Company’s IT Support Needs?

What has your experience been like as you have shopped around for just the right IT services partner for your business?

Kind of like dating, isn’t it?

Everyone puts their best foot forward and looks good for a while.

Every company you look at assures you that, “We can take care of you.”

But can they?

We want to be transparent with you.

The kind of company that we are best capable of serving:

  • Is A Small or Mid-Size Business

    While we love the thriving micro-business culture that is developing in Dallas-Fort Worth, our services are best utilized by companies that have moved out of the infancy stage and have begun to develop technology support needs revolving around their employees’ daily workflow.

  • Has Managed IT Services Requirements

    Managed IT Services is a proactive, subscription-based IT maintenance, management, and monitoring offering. It allows companies to have all of the customized IT support their systems require in return for a simple, budgeted monthly payment. This model, of course, stands in contrast to the break/fix model that is offered by other companies. While we are happy to help a new client get on their feet after a technology breakdown, our ideal customer is one who wants to move to the stability and dependability of a Managed IT Services model.

  • Has Compliance and Regulatory Concerns

    Regulatory compliance and industry-standards compliance is becoming more of a concern for company leaders every year. Our technicians have spent a lot of time, effort, and resources to become specialists in providing IT support and IT compliance guidance to companies that must adhere to legislation and industry mandates.

  • Has Enterprise-Level Cybersecurity Needs

    Our cybersecurity offering is very similar to the Managed IT Services offering described above. Managed cybersecurity services provide much more than antivirus updates and the occasional network scan. Managed cybersecurity takes a holistic approach to IT security, looking at things like endpoint security, firewall configuration and monitoring, antivirus, OS and application updates, data security, and employee IT security training. Companies that partner with 48 Technologies for cybersecurity are looking for concentric rings of IT protection surrounding their business, monitored by IT security professionals.