How Does Purpose Make a Difference in IT Support?

People that are determined to make a difference are driven by purpose.

Our purpose is to make your workflow easier, safer, and more productive.

In simple terms, our purpose is to make your work life less complex and help you be more successful.

What Difference Does Purpose Make?

Because our purpose revolves around people instead of technology, purpose makes ALL the difference!

  • Our purpose pushes us to be active listeners instead of jumping to advise cookie-cutter solutions that don’t fit you.
  • Our purpose drives us to tailor technology to your workflow instead of expecting you to conform to the demands of your technology.
  • Our purpose keeps us focused on answering your IT questions and working in happy collaboration with your employees.

How Do We Fulfill Our Purpose?

Each day, the 48 Technologies team embarks on the adventure of serving Dallas-Fort Worth businesses and their employees. We fulfill our purpose by:

  1. Delivering a Secure Computing EnvironmentOur cybersecurity professionals work tirelessly to build concentric walls of protection around your company’s proprietary information, your workflow, and your clients’ confidential data.  48 Tech’s cybersecurity platform and proprietary technology protects against malware, exploits, and even insider-based attacks that increasingly use stealthy, script-based languages to remain hidden from antivirus software.
  2. Providing Up to $1 Million in Warranty Protection Against Ransomware Attacks 48 Technologies offers up to $1 million in warranty protection against ransomware attacks. 48 Tech’s cyber threat protection warranty program provides our customers with financial support of $1,000 per endpoint or up to $1 million per company – securing you against the financial implications of a ransomware attack (if the company indeed suffers an attack and 48 Tech is unable to block or remediate the effects).
  3. Ensuring Near-Zero Downtime By harnessing the power of proactive, comprehensive, IT management and maintenance, you are able to enjoy more dependable uptime than ever before. Near-zero downtime means less lost productivity time.
  4. Working to Give Your Employees a Hassle-Free Computing and Mobile Collaboration Experience Because our purpose is wrapped around helping your people get their jobs done more effectively, we pride ourselves on understanding your staff and their work processes. With this information in hand, we mold the technology to better fit how your employees work.

We Believe in Our Purpose and Our Work. – That’s Why We Offer A Guarantee!

48 Technologies offers a no questions, 100% money back guarantee for the first 90 days. If you are not satisfied with our managed services or cybersecurity service in any way, let us know within the first 90 days, and we’ll give you your money back.

We’d be happy to have a no-obligation conversation with you. Just pick up the phone and call or send over an email.