Where Did 48 Technologies Come From?

It all began with Tom Cloud. Our founder worked for more than fifteen years in financial technology with the world’s fourth-largest investment bank. During this time, Tom developed specialized skill in the role technology plays in governmental regulatory compliance.

Tom Cloud returned home to Dallas in 2012. Drawing on the wealth of knowledge he gathered in the finance capitals of New York, Tokyo, and Hong Kong during his tenure with the investment bank, Tom started 48 Technologies as a way to provide small and medium-sized businesses with enterprise expertise in matters of regulatory compliance.

What is 48 Technologies All About Now?

We thrive in serving small to mid-size businesses that must deal with regulatory oversight. For example:

  • Financial institutions have to meet technology and cybersecurity regulations imposed by FINRA, FDIC, or NASD.

  • Attorneys need to meet tech regulations such as the Legal Services Board.

  • Insurance agencies must comply with NAIC regulations.

Our goal is to make both daily computing and the technology side of regulatory compliance simple for our clients.

Our clients have peace of mind knowing that their IT infrastructure and technology is being kept secure, is performing optimally, and is “in compliance” with all governing regulatory bodies to which the particular business is obligated to adhere.

What Values Undergird Our Work?

  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Doing the Right Thing

By being transparent, honest people who value a promise and a handshake, we are able to do the right thing for our clients.

Our Vision Sets Us Apart

We work diligently to spot horizon-level issues in security and regulatory compliance in order to protect our clients and their businesses. We stay current with both industry compliance standards and the laws that impact small to mid-size businesses. By configuring our clients’ technology to meet both today’s requirements and the demands of tomorrow, we are able to provide them with a stable, compliant, efficient computing environment for their workflow.