Does Your Business Technology Have to Meet Higher Requirements Than Most?

The 48 Technologies team specializes in supporting companies that have high IT security and regulatory compliance concerns. We have the training, personnel, and experience to deliver the IT consulting that will help you meet the requirements laid out for you in legislation and industry compliance standards while providing an IT environment that is secured with the latest in cybersecurity protocols.

We specialize in serving businesses in the following industries:

  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Small to Mid-Size Local Business

What You Need to Know About the Services Offered by 48 Technologies

Partnering with the 48 Technologies team allows professional services companies, medical professionals, and local business to take advantage of these benefits.

  • Keeping up with the technology curve
  • Staying compliant with legislation
  • Gaining efficiency
  • Getting predictable IT budgeting
  • Securing your data and essential workflow

How Does 48 Technologies Help You with Legislative Compliance?

Company leaders looking for IT consulting surrounding compliance won’t be disappointed with our compliance consulting services. We work successfully with state and federal regulatory auditors. We know what compliance officers want to see in your IT compliance strategy, and we’re careful to ensure that your business technology meets the high-expectations of the regulators.

  • State and Federal Compliance
  • SEC
  • GDPR and similar privacy legislation

What Are the Common IT Compliance Problems We Can Address on Day #1?

  • IoT

    With the emergence of the Internet of Things has come an explosion in the number of endpoints that an average business has within their infrastructure. Securing these endpoints is an essential part of a compliance strategy.

  • EDI and Vendor Management

    Electronic Data Interchanges and vendor application integration can easily cause vulnerabilities and injure your compliance standing. By working with your vendors and their integrations, we are able to keep this issue from being a roadblock on your road to full compliance.

  • GDPR and similar privacy legislation

    If you are doing business in Europe, you must comply with GDPR. In addition, Canada has already adopted similar legislation as has Australia and other countries are quickly moving toward adopting electronic privacy legislation of their own.

  • Software Management

    Neglect of updates, upgrades, and patches can keep your business from achieving the compliance standing that is needed. 48 Technologies provides management of software to ensure that the necessary maintenance is completed.

  • BYOD

    Your employees’ personal devices connected to your network are a liability to you if they are not managed adequately. We help your employees avoid becoming a vulnerability for your IT security by ensuring that their devices are configured to safely interact with your compliant WiFi network.

Does your business have a high demand for compliance with state, federal, or industry compliance? We can help.