Are You Concerned About How Your Fort Worth Law Firm or Insurance Business is Handling Cybersecurity and Legislative Compliance?

Across the board, business leaders are moving quickly to shore up their cybersecurity defenses and to ensure that their IT system and IT protocols are up to the task of legislative compliance. To do so, many companies have had to rethink their IT support strategy and move from a break/fix or block hours agreement to a company that offers Managed IT Services.

What is Managed IT Services, and Why Are Fort Worth Business Owners Moving to This IT Strategy?

If a break/fix IT computer repair solution is a hamburger, fries, and drink, Managed IT Services is an all-you-can-eat buffet that never stops. To be more precise, Managed IT Services is a complete suite of IT services including IT maintenance, management, cybersecurity, and efficiency monitoring. Each Managed IT Services agreement is as unique as the client company themselves, but the more popular IT services that are bundled within a proactive, holistic, Managed IT Services package are:

  • Email Backup and Security
  • Network Management and Security
  • IT Compliance Management and Consulting
  • Strategic Technology Consulting
  • Business Continuity Strategy
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Help Desk Services
  • Microsoft Office 365 Support
  • Vendor Management
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery

What Does Managed IT Services Cost for Legal Firms and Insurance Companies?

Because every business in Fort Worth has unique IT requirements based on its workflow, every Managed IT Services bundle is custom built. As a result, it’s impossible to put a simple dollar figure on a website. However, we will work with you to put together a monthly subscription payment that works within your budget and provides your business with the continuous IT care, compliance management, and security you need.

Why Do We Work in the Law and Insurance Sectors?

  • Because we can.
    While other IT support companies shy away from the high-demand IT environments represented by insurance companies and law firms, we have the experience, capacity, and confidence to tackle complex IT issues head-on.

  • Because we love the challenge.
    The 48 Technologies team thrives on the task of building and maintaining secure, efficient, compliant, and productive IT environments for busy offices. This is the stage on which our IT services professionals shine.

  • Because our legal and insurance clients keep recommending us.
    Some of the legal and insurance clients that we have today were with us at the beginning and have been our cheerleaders all along the way. We’re thankful for their support and have been honored that they have expressed their confidence in us by recommending us to others within their respective industries.