When Was Your Last Security and Compliance Assessment?

We don’t have to tell you that financial services firms are targets.

Targets of compliance officers and targets of cybercriminals.

You’ve seen it first-hand.

But the questions we’d like to ask you are…

Are you ready for an IT support company that’s up to the job of securing your firm against cybercrime?


Are you looking for a technology services company here in Fort Worth that understands the complexities of industry compliance standards and legislative compliance mandates?
If your firm is ready to step up your technology security, compliance, and your efficiency too – keep reading.

You’ve Dealt With the Budget IT Support Guys – Now Come Partner With Experienced IT Consultants

We’ve all had the unfortunate experience of hiring guys that we thought were up to the job, only to discover that they were all hat and no cattle.

It’s disappointing.

So how does the 48 Technologies team set ourselves apart from the inexperienced and inept – or even our near-peer competition?

We call it New-Age Craftsmanship.

We pride ourselves on being the artisans of the Fort Worth IT services marketplace. Artisans build things by hand, take pride in their work, build with quality tools, and produce product that is superior in quality.

By hiring the best in the IT support business and using vendor partners that have proven track records and well-supported IT solutions, we are able to bring that customized, artisan feel and quality to the IT environments we service.

Why Should Your Financial Services Firm Partner With 48 Technologies for IT Support?

Without getting into the weeds of how we do what we do, let us take a minute to show you the benefits (end results) of our New-Age Craftsmanship approach.

  • Time Saved – Through automation of repetitive work processes and application integration.
  • Efficiencies Gained – Through optimization of internal processes, mobile capability, and collaboration tools.
  • Data and Workflow Secured – Through adherence to cutting-edge cybersecurity and data backup protocols.
  • Business Continuity Assured – Through strategic planning, implementation, and management.
  • Compliance Standards Met – Through a thorough understanding of the legislation and industry standards that impact the financial services industry.
  • Employees Empowered – Through the implementation of a hassle-free IT environment and access to IT support professionals for answers to their questions or troubleshooting requests.