In today’s cybersecurity world, a type of social hacking called phishing is a big deal. Essentially, the reason why companies are concerned about this type of cyberattack has to do with human nature. You can have the best technology in the world, but if humans are the weakest link, awareness is key in order to stop companies from being vulnerable to different kinds of destructive hacking.

Phishing: How Does It Work?

Phishing works when hackers target the human mind with deceptive and fraudulent cyberattacks.

One of the most common types of phishing techniques is to send a scam email to someone’s inbox, and hope they click on a link that’s inside. Then the hackers can introduce the Trojan horse malware onto the desktop.

Other kinds of phishing have to do with getting people’s personal information, to do longer cons that end up jeopardizing their financial accounts or other assets. Here, there may be an emphasis on chatting digitally with people to try to win their trust. The hackers may use collected information to make it seem like they are legit, or that they know someone. Sadly, these kinds of tactics are often effective in compromising systems. 

Combating Phishing

There are a number of key best practices that help companies to minimize the threat of phishing cyberattacks.

First, companies can invest in better perimeter and in-depth cybersecurity measures, for example, better email filtering and better authentication.

Beyond that, though, they have to try to reach the people who are going to be sitting ducks in a phishing attack. They have to add certain kinds of resources to employee training materials and employee handbooks. They have to do the work to enlighten newcomers on how to circle the wagons and protect data assets.

Managed IT Services

At 48 Technologies, we help companies to guard against phishing as well as other kinds of more technical cyberattacks that target vulnerabilities in systems and networks.

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