Hardware as a Service

Prevent downtime and keep your critical systems running with the latest hardware and around-the-clock technology support.


What is Hardware-as-a-Service? 

It’s a problem encountered by every company: aging computers negatively impact productivity through slow performance, troubleshooting hassles, and incompatibility with new services and equipment. The capital cost to upgrade computing gear is significant and the purchase process can be time consuming. Hardware-as-a-Service solves these problems for businesses who lack a dedicated IT department or budget to perform hardware refreshes every few years.

HardwareasaService, which clearly has roots in Software-asaService (think Office 365), is business model where companies purchase packages that include the latest hardware, software, maintenance, installation and support, for a small monthly fee instead of a huge initial capital outlay. Under HaaS, customers pay for services, not euipment; consequently, and after a predefined period, or if the equipment degrades or breaks down, the 48 Tech will provide replacements.

Reduced Capital Expense

Say Goodbye to Obsolescence

Betty Security

Faster Troubleshooting and Maintenance



The advantages of HaaS

Hardware–as–a–Service is here because it makes sense. Almost all hardware is a depreciating asset: why would we want to own it? For example, a new car loses over 10 percent of its value when driven off the lot. In these cases, it makes simple economic sense not to own.

There are many more advantages for customers. HaaS transforms an up-front capital expenditure into an ongoing operating expense, which also allows for more accurate cost/value comparisons: e.g. “Is this worth $X/month to me?” Operating expenses become cheaper through shared use, especially for Things we don’t always use: e.g. bike/car sharing.

There is less worry about maintenance because of bundled-in servicing, which means any errors, bugs and other misbehaving gremlins become the headache of the hardware provider. Included servicing also caps the total cost of ownership: You know exactly how much it will cost for as long as you use it.

The Right Tools for your Business

Let us help you with the knowledge & strategy to purchase, install, and optimize the right equipment for your company. 


What People Are Saying

Amazing Service – above and beyond support and very proactive about prevention.  We get CIO level support and solutions with a phone call anytime we need it.  I can’t recommend 48 Tech enough.

Theresa Reeves, CFP

Wright Investment Management Consultants, Inc

48 Tech is an amazing resource for us. Not only are their engineers technically proficient, but I really love that they were able to explain concepts about document management to my employees in a manner that was easy for them to understand.

Rachel Graham

Farmers Insurance Agency

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